The Blog

Welcome to my blog, I may write here now and again, when I do I will probably be writing about business, web design and tech-related stuff. I currently have 8 posts.

6 Months on...

A little reflection on what I have been focusing on for the past 6 months and the lessons I have learned along the way - all things business and education!


#2 - POTW (Pens of the Week)

A continuation from my POTW series, featuring some all new pens. A slightly bigger focus on animations this week, it wasn't intended it just planned out that way!


#1- POTW (Pens of the Week)

A new weekly series showcasing some of the most creative, talented pens from Codepen. Hand selected by myself to help promote users of Codepen.


Why I love Entrepreneurship.. Ish.

A brief insight into the greats and well, not so greats, of being an Entrepreneur. This post covers one of the main issues of being a student as well - worth a read!


Project AssetsLab

My new business - finally revealed! In this very brief article, I link to the resources you can use to find out more and stay updated. Hint: If you're into web or graphic design, this is a MUST read.


What I've Been Reading

This article, if you can call it that, simply consists of me sharing what I have been reading across the past month. Articles are all business/Entrepreneur themed and are posts I found useful or interesting to read.